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What Are Structural Damages That You Shouldn’t Overlook?

What Are Structural Damages That You Shouldn’t Overlook?

It’s always better to err on the side of caution when you’re buying a property. You never know what lies behind the freshly whitewashed walls or newly polished wood floors. There are always skeletons in the closet that house sellers will try their hardest to hide. And if they succeed, they’re practically cheating you out of a higher price for the house.

Make sure you keep an eye out for these structural damages so that you pay a fair price for the new house. You don’t invest in real estate every day; make sure this one’s worth your while.

Damaged Masonry

Mortar joints are the cornerstone of residential masonry as they hold brick structures together. But they become weak over time and cracks may start to develop. This weakens the house’s structural integrity and creates gaps for critters to set their lodgings. It can bring down the curb appeal of your home unless you hire masonry experts for brick tuckpointing.

Tuckpointing brick refers to filling fresh mortar in the cracks to preserve masonry. It can surely revive the look of your house, but its cost will add to the hefty price you’ve already paid for the house.

Water-Damaged Foundations

Wood-paneled floors are a classic attraction for homebuyers. The gleaming stretch of warm-toned hardwood from wall to wall wins your heart over! But the sight you’re seeing could be a quick cosmetic fix to close the property deal.

Water damage in the floors can make the groundwater level rise and exceed the tide line. It results in a salt residue that accelerates deterioration. More than that, moisture trapped in grooves and crevices can foster harmful bacterial growth, exacerbating respiratory conditions. You don’t want your housewarming to turn into a sad occasion for your family. Invest wisely.

If your realtor doesn’t inspect the problem before you make the payment, you could be in for an ugly surprise. Repairing water-damaged foundations can push you further in debt after you’ve already emptied your savings on the property purchase.

Botched Plumbing Fixtures

Pipe installations and replacements serve two main purposes: getting the water supply up and running and maintaining the house’s structural integrity while doing so. But some inexperienced plumbers can compromise the house structure during pipe replacements. Making dents and cuts in the structural joists or studding walls is a significant safety hazard for the house. It weakens the building and leaves a lot to be repaired for the new homeowners.

You might realize the damages in the property a few weeks after moving in and it may be too late to hold anyone accountable by then. Make sure your realtor checks everything before giving their approval on the deal.

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