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The Risks of Buying a House without a Real Estate Agent

The Risks of Buying a House without a Real Estate Agent

Since the beginning of time, philosophers have posited that rights and freedom of choice is an inherent human capability. So if you’re an independent individual who revels in the freedom of your own choices about finding a house, we don’t blame you—in fact, we applaud your sheer willpower!

But let’s be practical for a bit, won’t a little bit of help make the buying process easier for you?

If we haven’t convinced you yet, let’s take a look at a few risks of buying a house without the help of an expert real estate agent.


You may be an expert negotiator at your workplace or when you’re out shopping for organic fruits, but when you’re out of your comfort zone, that’s when your negotiating skills are likely to suffer.

Real estate isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so you’ll be out of your depth no matter how good of a negotiator you are. As such, if you need to get the best deal on the table for the house, an expert who has the necessary insights and acumen to guide you is going to make your case stronger.

Market knowledge

While a few hours online can give you a little insight on the neighborhood and the value of other properties in the region, no amount of research can make you an expert on the real estate trends of the region overnight.

Hence, to assist you with house hunting, an expert who has acquired the knowledge of market trends over time can help you out. In addition to that, a real estate agent can also help you connect with potential sellers based on the preferences you have for the house.

Market knowledge

Standards of disclosure

While you may be a fan of surprises, you won’t like it if the walls of the house begin to crack and you find yourself with a leaky faucet now and then.

The risk of buying a faulty house that seemingly looks well put together is very high if you’re buying without a real estate agent. A real estate agent can help you vet the house thoroughly for any problems such as water damage and toxic paint.


Unlike all the Hollywood movies where buying a house is as easy as visiting the property and shaking hands on it, in real life, it’s a little more complicated than that. There’s a ton of paperwork that you have to fill out and contracts that need to be drawn up for the buyer and seller to sign.

If you value your time and don’t want to waste it on sifting through piles of documents that are riddled with incomprehensible real estate jargon, a real estate agent is your best bet. By leaving the legal matter of the house as well as charting up an iron-clad agreement with a trusted real estate agent, you can make the buying process easier on yourself.

There’s a ton of paperwork that you have to fill out and contracts that need to be drawn up for the buyer and seller to sign.

Whether you like your independence or not, nobody should ever refuse good help. So if you’re looking for a house in Fayetteville, let one of the leading residential real estate agents in the region to help you out!

Phillip Fehler, a Fathom Realty broker, offers expert realty services owing to the extensive knowledge he has of the local real estate trends. Get in touch with us today to find the perfect house!

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