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Specifications To Look For in a House According To Your Family Size

Specifications To Look For in a House According To Your Family Size

Congratulations on your new baby!

This is a phrase circulated about 4 million times a day in the US because there are that many births daily. With an average American woman marrying at the age of 28 and planning to have their first kid by 30, it’s hardly surprising that the population growth is prospering. Fertility experts believe that for a couple to be potentially infertile, they have to have tried conceiving for at least six months without hope beyond the age of 35.

That allows women to have a 5-year window after hitting 30 to plan for a first, second, or even third child. There will be many who have conceived their first in their 20s, so the fertility deadline is still far.

If you’re wondering why we’re still discussing birth rates in the country, it’s because they’re the most critical reason families decide to move houses. The demographics of the area largely rule the real estate industry. These statistics are impacted by when and how a couple decides to conceive.

With a first (or second or third) born on their way, parents worry about adding a nursery to the house, improving the ventilation and HVAC systems, fixing the plumbing, carpentry, and electrical damages baby-proofing the entire space.

But all of these renovations and repairs cost the green! Sometimes the cost may cover or even surpass the rent of living in a bigger and better house. That’s when couples decide to move out and start their life afresh when the new baby comes. However, the choice is not as simple as it seems. There are a lot of considerations that homeowners look into before settling on one option.

Let’s look at some specifications that you need for your family size.

Size of the Living Space

You may find that some estates that you look at have spacious gardens, backyards, and garages, but a relatively smaller living space. In contrast, some houses have larger bedrooms and grand living and dining rooms, and a rather intimate garden with no backyard. Neither of these options is unattractive, but you’d need to specify your requirements to our Fathom Realty broker so that they can tailor their possibilities.

We’ve been operating in the Fayetteville area for the past decade and know every inch of the region. We also see the kind of families who like to have a large playing area for their children and elderly couples who prefer luxurious bedrooms and lounges for hosting houseguests and social visits.

If you have young children, you know how noisy it can get on weekends or during holidays. Halloween is just around the corner, and you’ll have a full house around that time! From playing around with their costumes to practicing their spooky moves, your home will be buzzing with festive Halloween preparations.

If you’re inviting friends or family, you’ll have a fuller house, which only means less free space for the kids to play. This can end badly for the parents who have to clean up after them when the party ends. The commotion can jeopardize your cherished crystal ware and even put your expensive China at risk. It’s at times like these when you wished to have a larger house that wouldn’t fill up to the brim so easily with a few extra people.

Not to mention, the Halloween party is better suited for outdoors if you’re planning messy activities. For that, you need a larger garden or backyard. If you have children above the legal age, they might want to have some 18+ fun. This might involve alcohol, Halloween scares, and loud raves. All such activities are better suited for outdoors because you don’t want to scrub off wine and beer stains from your plush carpets. If you’re moving into a new house, you might want to let our real estate broker know these conditions so that they find a place that’s the right size for you.

Practical Uses for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Practicality is the biggest concern for couples that involve working individuals. If you and your partner are career-driven professionals, you might have to juggle with domestic chores to strike a balance. Taking care of the house and work duties can be quite a task. But a home with a modern design and smart facilities can be of assistance.

If everyone in the house prefers to have a breakfast of their choice, then there’s only enough time and space for one person to prepare their meal in the morning before work (or school). But who’s stopping you from shopping for a kitchen which has a larger stove? Our real estate brokers at Fathom Realty know what you need. You need a spacious kitchen with expansive countertops and more burners on the stove. This allows your kids to fix themselves a sandwich while you and your partner flip your omelets or fry your eggs on the stove. Nobody gets in anybody’s way, and the mornings are peaceful.

Similarly, you may want a generous garage space to set up your workshop or conduct your band practice. Since you can’t manage either activity indoors, you need to have a sufficiently large garage space for it. This also goes for families who own more than one car and wish to park them securely inside their garages. These are customizable requirements that must be communicated to the real estate broker working on your case.

Letting us know of such requirements beforehand will add value to our shortlisted options and save time on the property search. But if you’re not sure about what exactly you need in your new house yet, schedule a meeting with Phillip Fehler. He has conducted surveys with numerous families and can understand your requirements better. He’s also a seasoned real estate agent who has acquired a sense of what families need at a particular stage in life and can make relevant recommendations.

Safety Conditions for Families

It’s not always about installing security cameras, automated security locks, or baby monitors in the nursery. Surveillance improves home security, but so does the architectural design. An open floor plan enables you to keep an eye on your toddler better than in a house with walled portions.

However, you may be totally against this suggestion if you’re keen on baby-proofing the house instead of having the kid on your watch. Installing barriers and impact-proof mats all over the place in open floor homes is much more challenging. Restricting this extra work to your baby’s nursery is much more convenient. However, the choice is ultimately all yours!

If you’re unsure about what you want or how best to keep your living space safe for your babies, speak with Phillip Fehler. He’s not just a real estate broker at Fathom Realty but also a family man who understands a parent’s concerns. He can guide you further about what other parents have done in a situation like yours. That can spur some ideas in your head and lead you to a satisfactory solution!

Buying a new house, especially for a growing family, is an enduring process. You need to think about the present and the future because a home is a life-long investment! We understand if you don’t want to make a hasty decision; our most seasoned realtor, Phillip Fehler, is at your service and will help you make your decision at your pace.

If you want an expert opinion on any real estate matter, consult with a real estate expert who knows the industry.

Phillip Fehler is a leading realtor at Fathom Realty. Our website reviews speak for his credibility as one who has garnered the trust of families looking for a new home. He has been living in North Carolina for 20 years and has acquired vast knowledge of Fayetteville’s real estate market.

Give him a call at (910) 381-1341 or email him at phillipsellsnc@gmail.com. We’ll be glad to be of service to you and your family!

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