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Find A New Home around Fort Bragg North Carolina

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Find A New Home around Fort Bragg North Carolina

Fort Bragg, NC is the largest military complex in the world based on its population. Over 50,000 active duty personnel live in and around Fort Bragg’s many military complexes. The area is now open to veterans and federal civilian families. The children of federal civilian families living on-base are permitted to attend its reputable Department of Defense Schools. Many of the military choose to live off base as well, looking for affordable houses.

There are several types of real estate available around Fort Bragg, NC including 2, 3 and 4-bedroom houses. Military personnel with a permanent change of duty station have a great option of purchasing a home and use the housing allowance to help pay it off.

Buying a home has several advantages; it’s considered one of the easiest ways to build wealth. As the biggest military installation in the world, Fort Bragg NC Military PCS moves are very common, with many being stationed here for 2 to 5 years, even then a set of orders can be extended.

As a REALTOR®, Phillip Fehler can help you find the perfect housing for you. Philip Fehler is a real estate broker of Fathom Realty and provides housing and relocation services to members of the military and their families. He specializes in offering military members who have PCS’ed to Fort Bragg by providing them a list of available off-base housing,

Military Members Being Transferred Out of Fort Bragg

For those members who are being transferred out of the Fort Bragg area who already have a home, Mr. Fehler can help you sell your house quickly for a fair price.

Mr. Fehler has experience working as a real estate agent with the US military. He works closely with military families to understand their needs and find them a house that fits them.

Get in touch with Phillip Fehler today by calling (910) 381-1341. We’re happy to serve the men and women that work for our armed forces in any way we can!