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How to Enhance the Curb Appeal of Your Home?

How to Enhance the Curb Appeal of Your Home?

First impressions last. If a potential buyer visits your property for the first time, your home exterior could impress them immediately. Everything inside the house becomes secondary.

If you’re planning on putting your house up for sale, start with the curb appeal!

Here are a few tips:

Go green

Any form of visual exposure to nature is a beautiful experience. According to the National Recreation and Park Association, green infrastructure greatly reduces stress, improves mood, and paves the way for better mental health. Since our lives are so busy and fast-moving, being out in the green can help you refocus and practice mindfulness. All of these benefits are enough to create an impactful, lasting impression on a potential buyer who visits your property for the first time.

Adding a bit of green and flowers to your front yard will also give the curb appeal a boost and adds to the home’s resale value. It’s an instant shift in mood for anyone who enters the premises. Your buyers want to surround themselves with a well-designed plant arrangement that makes them feel better.

Even if you don’t have enough cash for beautifying the garden, you can add some planters to the windows and the entryways or hook up some standing planters.

village plants

Light it up

A dark or dimly lit entryway is not welcoming at all! When a potential buyer walks into your house, they’ll prefer a brighter and cleaner walkway that leads the way gracefully. We suggest putting up a few extra lighting sources like lanterns or porch string lights. If the walkway is too dark, the buyer might assume that there are some structural/foundation issues in the yard that you’re trying to hide. Before putting up the lights, make sure you clean out all the debris and cobwebs from the same spots.

You can also use lights to accentuate the best spots in the front yard that you want the visitor to notice instantly. It could be a newly renovated patio, deck, gazebo, or a swimming pool. The right lighting adds a touch of elegance to these spots and makes them more noticeable and appealing.

Make the door pop

Your door endures a lot of wear and tear every day. This can make it look rusted, old, and worn-out. No matter how pretty the rest of the exterior is, an old door can make all of your efforts go in vain.

You don’t have to replace the door completely. Just opt for a bold color and freshen up the paint. Your door will pop. It’s an easy DIY job that you and your family can get together for on the weekend. Don’t be scared to go bright. It’ll set the buyer’s mood for the rest of the home tour and will put forward the impression that you’re keen on home décor. If you’re skeptical about how a bright color would do, try a swatch for your own satisfaction.

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