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Home Office Ideas That We’re Down For

Home Office Ideas That We’re Down For

You’ve probably read hundreds of posts on Facebook that are lamenting the lockdown and thousands more on IG lamenting the work from home situation.

This reflects the collective opinion that working remotely is less than favorable. Coordinating with your colleagues or project managers, managing work hours, and staying punctual are least of your problems. The most formidable challenge is overcoming the dissonance of bringing the office space inside your home environment. You can’t wrap your head around the fact that you don’t have the work desk you’re used to or the same white lights that boost productivity.

Among other losses that this pandemic has inflicted upon us, it’s the loss of our usual routine that really hits home. The usual waking up at 7 AM, showering and getting ready by 8 AM, leaving the house and driving to work, enjoying the morning coffee, greeting colleagues, and finally getting down to work went out the window as soon as COVID-19 entered the scene.

Nobody got a warning or a probationary period to prepare for what was to come. One day, everything was normal, and the next, the shutters were rolling down, and the streets were silent. It was a big shock for everyone, especially for those who had to continue working but from home.

Who’s Suffering From Work From Home

Whether it’s fresh graduates or experienced professionals, everyone experienced a rough transition, and they’re still not there yet. Those starting their first-ever job were denied the experience of being in the real work environment they were promised.

Switching gears to completely digital work was a significant problem for senior professionals. Understanding how things work on a computer and doing it fast requires time, practice, and guidance. This aggravated the work from the home situation even more for most employees.

But as the mantra goes, prioritizing mind over muscle helps you sail through storms without collapsing. How can you train your mind to accept this situation? Well. For one, changing your home-based work environment and adding a home office may help set the mood for the day.

It’s a shift from the regular domestic routine and a liminal space between your home and office. Once you’re in that space, your mind accepts that it has a job to do, and everything else is secondary. And that’s all you need to get into work mode. Let’s check out some successful home office designs to help you achieve this.

The Modern Work Environment

This type of home office will resonate most with a younger audience. If you’re starting your career and are at the precipice of new career opportunities, you don’t want the pandemic to steal your thunder. You have to power through and emerge on top. And this home office design will pave the way to success.

Once you’re out of college, you’ll probably have to move out of on-campus accommodations and get a place of your own. Here’s what you need to look for in the new place, keeping in mind that a home office is your priority at the moment.

Whether it’s a one- or two-bedroom apartment or house, you need a secluded space that you can set up as an office. This should have access to a bathroom, a big window, an outdoor space like a balcony or patio, and a clear entrance into the house. Those specifications may sound like a handful, but they’re not if you have the right real estate agent. Fathom Realty’s Phillip Fehler has a reputation for making the impossible possible. He’ll consult with you at every step of the way to find you a living space that can double as a home office as well.

Once you have the property under your belt, you can start thinking about the renovations you’ll require. First things first, list the factors that will make a work environment conducive to your comfort and productivity. It could be anything from the color of the wall or furniture, warm or cold lights, hanging lamps or embedded bulbs, office decor, etc.

A modern office design embodies a chic interior theme, cutting-edge technology, and space-saving furnishings to add character and oomph to your space. To incorporate these ideas into your home office, you need sufficient physical space to work creatively. That’s where the real estate broker comes in. If you’ve hired Phillip Fehler, all you need to do is communicate everything you expect to see in your home-cum-office and consider it done.

Classic Office for the Gen-Xers

There’s no use flipping through magazines to find a home office design that’ll work for you. Gen-X is a niche market with highly age-specific requirements that only the most seasoned realtors can understand. Since Phillip Fehler has worked extensively with such clients, he knows what you’re looking for in a home that’s functional as an office.

Given the number of years you’ve worked for, you’re presumably in a higher income group than fresh graduates. This allows you to splurge a little on a luxury home that maximizes comfort and workability. Since you may have families and kids, you need to factor their needs in as well. Working with children in the house is doubly difficult. With schools closed and daycare centers shut down, they have nowhere to go. This means they’ll be up and about during your work hours and infringe upon your privacy, space, and time.

The home office should be soundproof, comfortable, and in a central part of the house. You can’t choose a guest room that’s far from the main living room or the kitchen. You’re as much a part of a family as you are of a work team. You need to participate in home affairs as much as you need to be present for work meetings. To strike a balance between both, you need your home office to be in the main part of the house.

That being said, you also need facilities that help you keep an eye on the kids. For instance, you might want to install a baby monitor and fix the screen on your work desk. You can have an intercom system inside the house if you have a large space. This helps make communication with family members easier.

You can have a security camera installed near the main door with automatic access to the lock as well. This way, you don’t have to walk up to the door every time the doorbell rings. If you live in a harsh climate that requires heating or cooling, have the temperature control settings at arm’s length.

All of these fixtures demand money. Make sure you communicate all of this to your real estate agent before beginning a property search. This will help them tailor their search and negotiate a deal so the financial impact of moving into a new space is not beyond your budget.


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