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Home Downsizing: Here’s What You Need to Do Before

Home Downsizing: Here’s What You Need to Do Before

Whether you’re retiring or have kids who’ve grown up, adopting a lighter, more economical lifestyle before you make your big move makes a lot of sense.

But before you even begin downsizing, a lot of work needs to be done, including deciding which possessions should go, and which ones you should keep.

Here are three main things that you need to do before you downsize your house.

Take Lots Of Pictures Before You Begin

Taking pictures before you start the downsizing process serves two main purposes: one, pictures give you insight into what you need to take with you when you make the move. And second, they’re fun to look at and reminisce about!

To use pictures effectively for downsizing, experts suggest to ‘see where your eye goes.’ It’ll usually go toward attractive and important things, and those are the ones you need to keep.

Declutter: Keep Only The Things You Need Or Love

Over the years, we tend to accumulate a ton of items we don’t need anymore. Most people just let these belongings sit, refusing to part with them because they feel comfortable. But when it comes to moving, it’s just not practical to take everything.

Decluttering is a big part of downsizing; it involves going through your things and figuring out which ones you no longer need, want, or like. Then, give those things away; you’ll be amazed at how much lighter you’ll feel.

This will also make sure you only take the most important things with you, giving you a lot more room for new purchases.

Over-Saving For The Next Generation Is A Myth

Even though many people like to save for future generations, it’s important to understand that in a fast-moving world, you don’t need to. Trends change by the day and by the time your granddaughter grows up, she may not even like your prized music player, let alone want to keep it.

Paying money for storage for these things is just not worth it, unless that something is a precious family heirloom you can’t part with.


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