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5 Things to Do Before Putting Your House Up on the Market

5 Things to Do Before Putting Your House Up on the Market

Are you moving out of your old house? Roll up your sleeves because there’s work to do!

Whether you’re selling a commercial or residential property, if you’re planning to put it up on the market, there’s a multitude of factors you should consider before you get in touch with prospective buyers.

Let’s take a look at some of those things before you put up the ‘For Sale’ sign out on the yard.

Consider your curb appeal

Remember the saying ‘the first impression is the last impression’? It’s true for houses too! If you think the buyers won’t ‘judge the book by its cover,’ you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

A curb appeal can go a long way in delivering the best deal on the table to you. Buyers tend to focus a lot on the curb appeal as that’s what makes them want to open the door and complete the rest of the house tour.

De-clutter the living space inside the house

When it comes to impressing buyers, you won’t accomplish much by displaying your family photos in every nook and cranny of the house. The buyers are here to see the living space, not what occupies the space. As such, you should de-clutter the living space and do a clean sweep of any visible areas like the window sills, doors, cupboards, and kitchen drawers.

This will also depersonalize the house, making it easier for the buyer to visualize the living space according to their own living standards and habits.

De-clutter the living space inside the house

Touch it up!

Just like you get ready right before a night out to impress your date, your house needs to be touched up to attract prospective buyers. You can start by redoing the paint on the walls—especially if your walls are painted in bright colors because there’s always a risk it may be a color that a buyer dislikes. Play it safe by opting for neutral paint or wallpaper.

If you can’t go for a complete house paint job, touch up a few scuff marks to make the living space more presentable. Scrub away at all the marks on the wall and repair any loose handles so they don’t come away in the hands of a prospective buyer.

Make it smell nice

Foul odors are an instant deal-breaker. Any lingering odors may tell the buyer that the house has a faulty pipe or a swamp nearby that’s stinking up the place.

The worst thing about smells is that sometimes you get so accustomed to them that you don’t even realize they’re still there—for instance, pet smells. Hence, it’s best to ask a third party to come to the house and see if any pervasive smells need to be taken care of immediately.

Hire a great real estate agent

Your house needs to be put up on a listing and a real estate agent can help you out with that. You should ensure that you hire an agent that has extensive experience in the real estate market, as well as in-depth knowledge of the latest property buying and selling trends in the region.

From marketing your house to helping you improve its curb appeal; a real estate agent is your best shot at getting the best price for your house.

5 Things to Do Before Putting Your House Up on the Market

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