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4 Factors That Make a Neighborhood More Appealing

4 Factors That Make a Neighborhood More Appealing

Loud raves every Saturday night.

Aggressive dogs that bark at every shadow all through the night.

An old, rusty garage door that squeaks and creaks at odd hours when opened or closed.

News of burglaries and break-ins at the far end of the street.

All of these instances may seem like a one-time thing that doesn’t impact your life at all, but living in the same neighborhood plagued by such cases every week, fortnight or month, can become a stressor.

You don’t want to be disturbed in your sleep if you have an early morning, but your neighbors decide to park their car. When they open their garage door, the noise is enough to wake the entire neighborhood, but complaining has failed to help.

You don’t want to worry about your kids because of a break-in in a house on the street. It can pile significant stress on your mind and counter your productivity at work!

And least of all, do you want to come home to a barking dog who’s howling at you from the neighbor’s fence?

Mental peace and quality of life are two incredibly important and intangible factors that affect a homeowner’s decision to stay in a place. Distressing events such as these can aggravate your emotional health over time and affect the quality of life you want to give to your family!

Fathom’s realty brokers in Fayetteville understand residential housing needs, and the neighborhood plays a vital role in that. Phillip Fehler, our real estate broker, has helped families find the perfect setting for their lifestyle requirements. We understand why homeowners want to move into a different neighborhood and customize the property options accordingly.

Let’s look at some factors that have the highest stakes in a homeowner’s property buying decision.

Higher Real Estate Value

If you’re out to buy a house in a new neighborhood, you wouldn’t want to pay for a place that’s beyond your means. Financing a residential real estate purchase is expensive enough; you wouldn’t want to look into a neighborhood where the prices are too steep for your pocket. But home prices have an interesting way of operating in the residential real estate market.

A higher property price is indicative of a superior real estate value. A house that’s unaffordable at first may attract buyers like a pair of expensive Louboutins from a glass window. The more the zeroes, the higher the prestige of your purchase. In short, the price markets the neighborhood as housing elites, being safer than the suburbs, with better roads, fewer or no crimes, and proximity to corporate or commercial spaces.

So if the price is not an issue for you, drop a hint for our real estate broker, and they’ll show you the finest estates on the market.

Demographic Diversity

If you’re not a born and bred Caucasian American and identify as an ethnic minority, you’d like a neighborhood that’s more inclusive and welcoming. This goes for Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, and all other marginal groups.

Raising your children in a neighborhood that’s wholly whitewashed can have detrimental effects. The young ones may lose connection to their religious and cultural roots or not form a definite sense of identity about who they are. Living in an ethnically homogenous is a better option.

Living in a diverse neighborhood cultivates a sense of belonging. This reaffirms the child’s belief in their ethnic identity and builds their confidence in life beyond a protected neighborhood. It may also (in rare cases) reduce the risk of unfortunate racist incidents that can traumatize your family or even jeopardize their physical and emotional safety.

State and federal laws bind Fathom real estate brokers about revealing the demographics; speak to us, and we’ll see what we can do to find the best homes that fit your criterion.

Schools and Markets

If you have a toddler who’ll soon be of school-going age, you’d want to move to a neighborhood that has good schools. This factor also affects the decision of couples who are newly married and have the prospect of having children on the table.

School boundaries can be crucial for a property search because parents don’t want to be too far from their children during their kindergarten years. It’s especially crucial for single parents who want to keep the commute between their workplace, the school, and their house as short as possible.

Another qualifier that adds a layer to school-centric house search is the quality of schools in the neighborhood. A particular area may be replete with options but not of the highest standard that a parent wants. Some parents even want to move into communities that are specifically close to their top choice of school! This decision is entirely up to the parents, and our best residential realtor, Phillip Fehler, will assist them in every way to find suitable housing.

A Close-Knit Community

This point relates to the previous one about demographics. A large part of raising and grooming your children to become tolerant and broad-minded individuals is to raise them in a close-knit community. Growing up in the hustle-bustle of a busy, interactive neighborhood automatically teaches your child social ethics.

As they say, you’re able to show rather than tell what it means to be tolerant of other people’s beliefs without forgoing your own. You also get the chance to showcase acts of kindness and charity and instill similar virtues in your children.

Close-knit communities also share an unspoken bond where everyone is looking out for one another. Naturally, parents feel at ease sending their kid to a nearby grocery store or the local park for play. This grooms their confidence and makes them self-sufficient and independent from a very young age.

If you want an expert opinion on which neighborhood will suit your needs best, consult with our most experienced real estate expert and he’ll guide you further.

Phillip Fehler is a leading realtor at Fathom Realty. The reviews on our website testify his credibility for finding families the neighborhood of their choice. And for that, he has garnered the trust of the residential community. He can tailor his search according to markers set by you, and find you a place to call home!

He has been living in North Carolina for 20 years and has in-depth knowledge of the Fayetteville’s real estate market. You don’t have to worry about explaining the local details; they’re all on his fingertips! You can trust his judgment.

Give him a call at (910) 381-1341 or email him at phillipsellsnc@gmail.com. We’ll be glad to be of service to you and your family!

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