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3 Essential Steps to Selling A House In North Carolina

3 Essential Steps to Selling A House In North Carolina

It’s ideal to be pricing, negotiating, and selling a residential real estate in North Carolina right now. According to the data provided by Zillow, Tar Heel State’s real estate values increased by 4.75 percent just last year, and they are expected to surge further by 3.68 percent by 2021.

But no matter how well residential real estate is doing in NC, you won’t be able to sell your house without proper pricing, promotion, and negotiations.

Ahead, we’ll shed light on three critical steps that you must take to close a profitable deal.

Let’s dive in!

Find a Reliable Realtor®

Selling a residential property involves high stakes, complicated transactions, and needs years of expertise and time to get desired results. If you want to get the best buck for your house in Fort Bragg, NC—and reduce stress along the way—find yourself a reliable residential real estate agent in Fort Bragg, NC.

According to Zillow, you can net 33 percent more revenue on selling your house with a real estate agent, compared to listing it on the housing market on your own. The median house value in North Carolina is $199,157, and with a 33 percent increase, you could be earning a premium amount of $65,722 on your home resale.

Identify the Right Time to Sell

Residential real estate can be pretty predictable if you look closely at the trends. To make the most of your property, it’s critical to identify when the market is on the sellers’ side and result in quicker, more proliferating sales.

chart showing home sales

Source: 2020 Redfin Data Center

According to the analysis of trends shown in the chart above, June is the top month to sell residential properties in North Carolina in terms of faster sales and high prices, followed by May.

Houses listed for sale on the North Carolina market take about 48 days to sell, way quicker than the average 57 days on the market (DOM) in Colorado. The median selling price during this month is $255,000—significantly higher than the $12,000 average.

dollar money

Price Your Home Wisely

You don’t want to price your house too low that you end up losing a potential profit, or too high that you lose the potential buyers. To minimize the number of days on the market for your house, you must conduct a comparative market analysis (CMA). This analysis allows sellers to compare the value of their residential properties to other homes in the neighborhood.

It takes into account the median household income of your neighborhood, good quality schools, the aesthetic appeal of the neighborhood, sizes of other homes vs. yours, and the amenities that your residential property offers, such as a well-maintained landscape, energy-efficient electronic appliances, upgraded HVAC and plumbing system, and others.

Other necessary steps include preparing your home to show it to the prospective buyers, marketing, fielding counteroffers, and negotiations, getting a positive appraisal, gathering the required paperwork and disclosure, and finally selling your home.

The entire process can be overwhelming, but Mr.Phillip Fehler of Fathom Realty has got you covered. Philip Fehler is a leading residential real estate agent in Fort Bragg, NC and works with Fathom Realty. He offers free home evaluations, housing services, and real estate services for over ten years.

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