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10 Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your Home

10 Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your Home

When you’re moving to a new location, it can be quite exciting to sell your previous home. The money can help you revamp your new house, or you can invest it somewhere to earn profits off of it. However, when selling, you might make a few mistakes that you can easily avoid. Read ahead to find out.

Not Taking Into Account Home-Selling Costs

There are many costs associated with selling your house that you need to be aware of. These include:

  • Agent’s Commission: The realtorwho helps you sell the house charges a percentage of the total selling price.
  • Closing Costs: The closing costs can include any sales tax, title transfer charges, attorney fee, and the charges of the firm that authorizes the transaction.
  • Staging Costs: When realtorsshow the house to potential buyers, they need to decorate it or furnish it to appeal to them. This increases the chance of selling the house.
  • Repairs Costs: Any water leakages, plumbing, or maintenance will be included in these costs as well.
  • Negotiations: Buyers would try to negotiate the offer and lower the asking price. They might pay in full when you include a concession like any fixtures in your house or if you pay any of the costs by yourself.

Selling The House If You Still Owe The Mortgage

When you’ve bought a house on a mortgage, and the property price has gone down, you won’t be able to pay the full price even if you sell your house because it has devalued.

Selling The House By Yourself

If you want to save up on the realtor’s commission, you’ll most likely try to sell the house by yourself. However, you can get a higher asking price through the realtor’s help and save up more money even after giving him his commission.

Not Pricing It Correctly

If you keep your asking price too low due to inadequate market knowledge, you’ll miss out on a significant number of profits.

Selling It Without A Home Inspection

Any major repairs in your home won’t be hidden from a potential buyer, so it is essential to get a house inspection done and fix everything.

Selling The House Without Staging

Staging and furnishing the house attracts buyers, because otherwise it would look like an empty space, which wouldn’t give them an idea about the area of the rooms.

Selling The House Without Clearing Out Clutter

When your house is too messy, it will drive buyers away.

Not Lighting Up The House Properly

Proper lighting is important to make the rooms look bigger and attract buyers. A professional realtor will guide you about appropriate light placement.

Real estate agent selling a house in North Carolina

Putting Up Bad Listing Photos

Your realtor will help you capture and choose a picture of your house to bring more buyers with offers.

Hiring A Realtor On Your Personal Preference

When you hire a realtor on your personal preference, they might not have the right selling tactics or decision-making skills. You can hire a professional realtor who has ample experience and has a great history of selling homes.

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